POLE22, Electric Blue 22 Inches
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POLE22, Electric Blue 22 Inches

Product Code: UK-527034

UPC Code: 0032705270341

Get above the action with the POLE 22 to get the angles you thought were impossible. All sports capable for snow, ski, surf, skate, team sports, skydiving – wherever you go. The POLE 22 will set your footage apart with truly insane shots you could previously never have even dreamed of.
The steady, bolted on 1/4″-20 mount included is the strongest mount on the market.. It keeps the camera steady when filming, even in very high speed or shaky surroundings. The camera will not fall off or move on the pole which makes for much better footage.
It is engineered to be over 5x stronger than any similar mount, and it fits almost any camera. From the Sony Action Cam to the Canon 5D, any camera can be mounted and used on this pole.
The floating version keeps your pole above water.

Dimensions: 22.0 x 2.5 x 2.5 in

• Standard attachment point for GoPro® camera and universal 1/4"-20 mount for use with other cameras

• Light weight, high-strength anodized aluminum

• High visibility grip colors (Easy to find even in the snow!)

• All sports capable : skate/snow/team sports

• Rubber grip for solid, tactile hold

• Lanyard included


Adapt your camera pole for almost any camera by using the included 1/4-20 Mount. The 1/4-20 Mount bolts directly onto a pole, making it significantly stronger and more stable than any similar product.

Its robust design holds up to your most rugged activity. Carefully engineered to minimize effects of vibration and to keep your camera as steady as possible.

Our patent pending anti-rotation feature keeps the camera body in place so it cannot twist loose. Choose from two anti-rotation pads designed for larger or smaller cameras to optimize stability.


If you're into water sports you definitely want to invest in the floating version of our poles. The foam collar will keep your pole and expensive camera afloat in the water.

  • Quantity Available: 13
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