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Based on the world’s first Ultra Light D9 Drysuit Concept from Waterproof, the D9X Extended Breathable Drysuit features some technical improvements designed for the needs of professional and serious divers. As a leisure diver, you can always decide NOT to dive if environmental or weather issues are of concern or if you don't want to abuse or risk your equipment. But for professional divers this is not always a choice. To meet their need for equipment that has extra reinforcement, Waterproof R&D redesigned the standard D9 suit and found a way to strengthen some areas without jeopardizing the most important feature of the suit: the Ultra-Light Concept.
The suit features newly developed stronger laminated material, same as we use in our military suits, extra reinforcement from the elbows to the new Zip-Off neoprene warm cuffs, which are designed to accept readily any dry glove system. Extra reinforced lower back and knees, lightweight pockets on both legs (featuring two cord loops on each), and delivered with XLITE Soft Boots. Yes, the D9X Extended Breathable Drysuit weighs slightly more than the exceptionally Ultra-Light standard D9 Drysuit but we know that true professionals are willing to carry a little extra weight in exchange for added performance.
Low pressure hose
Mesh bag 
Repair Kit

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  • Arm Reinforcements - Double layers of abrasion resistance Cordura fabric.
  • CORDURA NYLON QUAD-LAM - AquaMax 330 denier Cordura Nylon. Breathable.
  • Double Leg Pockets - With double cord loops, easy grip and drainage mesh.
  • FLEXIBLE DRY ZIPPER - Light and flexible TIZIP MasterSeal 10.
  • INTEGRATED SUSPENDERS - Adjustable integrated suspenders for comfortable fit.
  • KNEE REINFORCEMENT - Double layers of abrasion resistance fabric.
  • SEAM FREE CROTCH - The Crotch is made in one piece, no seams. This to ensure a more durable and comfortable suit.
  • SEAT REINFORCEMENT - Double layers of abrasion resistance Cordura fabric.
  • SI TECH VALVES - Swiveling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve. Provided by SI TECH.
  • TELESCOPE TORSO - Suspenders and the adjustable torso system enable the diver to fit the suit to their liking.
  • WARM CUFFS - The arms are equipped with warm cuffs that minimize heat loss at the wrists. Just put the glove underneath the cuff.
  • XLITE FLEXBOOT - An extra light and flexible boot with fin strap ridge and a narrow fit.
  • ZIPPER COVER - Provides protection of your dry zipper.