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Full Face Masks

Breathe through your nose while snorkeling. Goodbye jaw discomfort (no uncomfortable mouthpiece to bite onto). Goodbye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel thanks to our dry snorkel. For good. Huge field of vision and no more fogging thanks to our patented and independently tested air circulation technology.
TUSA Sport Full-Face Snorkeling Mask has a uniquely designed orinasal for optimal sealing around your nose. All our tests are conducted in water and with actual use in mind.

Our masks are not only designed in Italy, but are also Made in Italy.

Snorkeling re-invented.

Available Sizes: S/M (Small/Medium), M/L (Medium/Large), L/XL (Large/Extra-Large)

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  • Larger viewing lens than any traditional mask.
  • Enjoy breathing through nose and mouth with no clamping down on a snorkel.
  • Dry Top ensures no water enters the mask.
  • Fog free system - air flow keeps lens crystal clear with no defogger needed.
  • Air circulation system is patented. You always breathe fresh air. Independently tested to ensure safety and comfort. No “unsafe” CO2 build up.