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M-2001 Freedom Fit II Paragon

Introducing the new advanced M2001SQB Paragon professional divers mask.  The new Paragon mask offers TUSA’s NEW Reinforced TRI-MIX frame, Freedom Technology with Fit II, and the UV 420 Lens Treatment with AR and CrystalView Optical Glass which helps you dive with eye protection and ultimate clarity.

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>  [NEW] TRI-MIX Frame

>  [NEW] Freedom Technology with Fit II

>  [NEW] UV 420 Lens Treatment + Anti-Reflective Lens + CrystalView Optical Glass

>  [NEW] Angle Strap Adjustor with Side Hold 

>  [NEW] Offset Buckle 

>  Corrective lens available: MC2001SA

>  Non-Reflective lens available: ML2001S

>  Colors: QB (Black Skirt) - Black (BKA), Energy Orange (EO), Fishtail Blue (FBA), Flash Yellow (FYA), Metallic Dark Red (MDRA), White (WA); QW (White Skirt) - White (WWA)