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These corrective lenses can be inserted into the M-212 Ceos, M-28 Geminus, TM-7500 Splendive II and M-40 Splendive IV, and UM-7500 snorkeling masks. Available in 0.5 diopter increments from -1.0 to -8.0 and +1.5 to +4.5 for left and right lenses.

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  • Bisymmetrical lenses - fits left or right (except + diopters)
  • Negative Diopters: -1.0 to -8.0
  • Positive Diopters: +1.5 to +4.5 - specify Left or Right
  • Compatible Masks: M-212 Ceos, M-28 Geminus, M-40 Splendive IV, TM-7500 Splendive, UM-7500 snorkeling masks